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Educational Programs:

Pine Mountain Adventures tailors its school courses to meet the needs of each individual school. A wide variety of course locations and activities are available. Our experienced staff works hard to provide safe growth oriented experience for each participant.

We believe in the effectiveness and positive impact of experiential education. Experiential learning is a process of making generalizations and conclusions about your own direct experiences. Essentially, PMA provides a context for learning and growth emerging out of a well defined set of core beliefs.

Core Beliefs

  • A belief in the value of personal confidence based upon individual success.
  • A belief in the reality of human inter-dependency. A belief that the human interaction which grows out of group responsibility and group accomplishment, is useful and healthy.
  • A belief that much can be learned when problems are presented, rather than answers given.
  • A belief that maturity involves, among other things, having had real experiences with a wide range of natural human reactions — fear, joy, fatigue, respect, hunger, laughter, pain and love.
  • A belief in the value of an intensive confrontation with fundamental natural forces.
  • A belief that real growth and personal development occurs most often during times of challenge and not during times of comfort.

Typical Goals for School Groups

  • Helping the students understand the importance of working together as a team to enhance learning and overcome challenges.
  • Learning to embrace the strengths of others. 
  • Working with the issues of cliques, trust, honesty, peer pressure, values, self-confidence & worth, selfless service and self-concept.
  • Increasing environmental awareness.
  • Improving communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Teaching outdoor skills.
  • Having lots of FUN!