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Orienteering is one of our most popular activities. We use a form called Score Orienteering. A number of points are set out with each having a certain score value. A team of five or six participants works well. The teams are given some preliminary instruction on the use of compasses, maps and canoes. They are then given a map with the predetermined points indicated. The team is given about 15 minutes to devise a plan for accumulating as many points as they can within a predetermined time. One of our courses is set up within the beautiful gardens at Callaway and does not include any wilderness travel. Some of the areas included in the Orienteering Course are the Discovery Center, the Butterfly House, the Sibley Center, the Chapel and the numerous trails winding around the scenic lakes at Callaway. Walking, Canoeing and Biking (use of bicycles requires a rental fee through Callaway) are all modes of negotiating the course. Teams return at a designated time. Scores are tabulated and results are announced. The activity is usually concluded with each team giving a summary of their plan, how the strengths of their team were used, and what they would do different if they could do the activity again. (3 hours)